More Setbacks and Sub-setbacks

One would think I’d be used to setbacks by now after so many different injuries, but it never gets any easier. My only comfort at the moment is that my wrists and hands aren’t hurting too much, so at least I can blog and work. But taking care of my family isn’t working out so well.

In October, I decided to follow my daughter and run a bit, not thinking about how not running in 10 years might affect my feet. I was more concerned with my pelvic pain, which was doing better. Unfortunately, I ended up injuring my feet, and in injuring my feet, the pain reflected into my hips and caused new injuries. Now although the pelvic pain is stable again, the foot pain is excruciating. Common foot injuries for runners, but compounded with what I’m already dealing with, it makes vertical movement quite challenging. I was becoming accustomed short walks and fresh air. Now I can’t even walk into the kitchen without pain.

Then each time it’s gotten a little better, something happens and I overdo it with my feet, like the holidays. The holidays always make pain worse. Everybody overdoes everything, so that should be no exception. Then yesterday, my trusty running shoes that I wear indoors and out (doctors’ orders) ended up stepping in dog poop, and while cleaning them and waiting for them to dry, I put too much pressure on the feet, probably losing all progress I had gained over weeks of careful rest, careful movement, special exercises, etc… So frustrating.

It’s difficult to admit that here I am approaching 40, my body isn’t what it once was. It’s now weakened from half a decade of bed rest and reduced activity. It’s lost significant muscle tone. I recently discovered I’ve had a degenerated lumbar disc for many years (another story). Now I have to contend with how that relates back to all the other injuries. I constantly battle with nutrition since I’m often in too much pain to cook much, and grocery shopping is a nearly impossible task. My husband takes on much of that, but we both admit it’s not enough.

So just when we had been able to go without a nanny (a necessity from the past few years) as our daughter’s older, now we have to probably hire a cook/housekeeper for a couple days a week, dipping further into what’s left of our savings to do so, but in hopes that somebody else to prepare some meals and clean up the kitchen will alleviate some of the pain and struggles we have in our home. But I keep hoping that if we put our resources into health as first priority, eventually it will pay off for all of us.


One response to “More Setbacks and Sub-setbacks

  1. I have pelvic pain (pudendal neuralgia, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, PFD, etc) and I also really struggle with leg/feet pain. They kept telling me it was plantar fasciitis at first. But all the conservative treatments really didn’t help. I always have some degree of leg/feet pain but it seems to vary in intensity. I wear Dansko shoes all the time (or tennis shoes with orthotics) and I think this helps some. I do lots of ice, massaging my feet/legs, and stretches. But for me I think it is something I will deal with either life long or until the root of my problem is fixed/relieved some. Sorry you are dealing with yet another set back. I am learning this is life with chronic pain. Thankfully I have a much greater purpose than pain.

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