Pain In The Mom was launched in July 2009 after Sarah, a blogger for seven years, had enough of suffering quietly in chronic pain following a difficult pregnancy and delivery-related complications.  After four years of pain, dozens of various treatments and a mission to never give up, she kept leaning on the mom blogger community even though she had never herself started a so-called mommy blog, choosing instead to chronicle her related experiences on collaborative blogs.  Finally she realized – after hearing countless stories of other women who suffered from similar injuries – that someone needed to be brave enough to come forward and talk about what it’s like.  This blog is an experiment, as is the life it reflects.

Sarah is a work-from-home-mom out of necessity, but she’s lucky enough to love her work.  As a professional writer, blogger and new media strategist, she chooses clients and projects very carefully so she can continue to focus on taking care of her daughter and her own continual pain management.  She usually works from bed or the couch, except when she attends meetings and conferences in order to have moments of feeling like a normal person and to feel involved.  She’s in pain 70-80% of the time, but her work provides a welcome distraction and an enjoyable challenge.

Sarah has written extensively on parenting topics as a professional and she first chronicled her pregnancy through the March of Dimes “Share Your Story” site via dotBlog. Her goal with PainInTheMom is to raise awareness about pudendal neuralgia and about what it’s like to be a mom of a small child while living in chronic pain. The idea behind the blog is to be an informative, stark dialogue with a dose of humor.