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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I find it really inspiring. I am calling myself a CFS survivor – as I’m having a lot of success managing my CFS with nutrition and diet. I’m writing to you today to let you know about a new book from Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a foremost expert on Fibromyalgia and CFS. The book is called “Beat Sugar Addiction Now!” and can be found at Dr. Teitelbaum’s website:

    Sugar is as powerful an addiction as tobacco or alcohol—and one of the most difficult to break given its prevalence in the modern diet. The average American adult consumes 150 pounds of sugar each year! In Beat Sugar Addiction Now!, board certified internist and energy expert Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, reveals the four types of sugar addiction and their hidden causes. “Adrenal fatigue, candida overgrowth, hormonal deficiencies, and exhaustion, are the four major contributors to this addiction,” says Dr. Teitelbaum.

    “Understanding your sugar addiction type, you can take steps to beat it and in the same stroke improve your overall health. Knowing the type of sugar addict you are also helps to solve many other chronic medical problems.” Sugar addiction contributes to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a plethora of other medical problems, and in day-to-day life it can just make you feel miserable. According to Dr. Teitelbaum, common complaints include: fatigue, getting irritable when hungry, having chronic nasal congestion and sinusitis, digestive problems (irritable bowel syndrome and spastic colon), weight gain with inability to lose weight even on a diet, and poor concentration and memory.

    Beat Sugar Addiction Now! provides a step-by-step program for breaking the sugar addiction, managing withdrawal symptoms, and helping the body recover from its side effects. Simple sugar addiction quizzes presented throughout the book help to hone in on your type of sugar addiction and provides easy and effective steps to overcome it.

    For more information check out Also please “Like” the Facebook Page: join the group on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=113983755284222&ref=ts and follow Dr. Teitelbaum on Twitter:

    Because of the tremendous impact that this information can have on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’m trying to get the word out about the book to as many people as possible. I’d be grateful if you could consider blogging about or reviewing the book and forwarding this message to anyone else you think could benefit from the information.

    If you have any questions, please contact Dean at


  2. Hi Sarah,
    I have PN, and I’ve lived with it for almost seven years. If you ever want someone to talk to, or vent with I’d love to hear from you. I live in Berkeley and have a 14 year old son. I’m learning to live with chronic pain with grace as best as i can. Thank you for your blog.


  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I do not have an official diagnosis of PN, but I am starting to believe that’s what I have. Are you no longer blogging? I hope all is well for you and that you are improving every day.

  4. Thanks Hannah – I am still blogging and I am still gradually improving. I’m just spending more of my time with my daughter and traveling since I was unable to do that for a few years. Time’s limited now she’s older. But I’ll post again soon. I want to keep it up.

    Please check out the resources under “Pain Resources” in the lower right hand side of the blog if you want to get in touch with more people about figuring out what’s wrong with you. A lot of time an official diagnosis isn’t reached for a long time, and the treatment doesn’t change anyway. It is nice to know what’s wrong though.

  5. I have pudendal neuralgia, and saw Dr. Stanley Antolak with MAPS in Minneapolis. It has been five years and I have seen a 80-90% reduction in pain! I am off all medications except occasional over the counter pain reliever I single parented a child from ages 6-15 with PNE, so I know what you’re doing through!

  6. Very excited to find your blog! I was diagnosed with PN in 2011 when my new doc ordered an MRI and found a mass of scar tissue wrapped around my nerve. It’s been frustrating to deal with. I just found out that I’m pregnant, so I was looking for other women who had to deal with this through their pregnancies. I will come back later and read more of your accounts. Thank you for putting this out there!

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