My first bout with chronic pain came from being hit with both a series of repetitive strain injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, epicondilitis) and a series of urinary tract infections that led to interstitial cystitis (the pain from which lasted for 5 years, 1995-2000) and the beginnings of pudendal nerve neuralgia, which was worsened during pregnancy and delivery, causing a second wave of chronic pain, which began in 2006 and has yet to conclude.

As a professional writer and blogger, I work with a lot of high profile clients, so I had a difficult time deciding whether to share my health problems with the world, but finally when I hit another setback and was ready to begin more serious treatments, I decided it was time that my friends needed to know why they hadn’t heard from me as much over the past few years.  Thus this blog.  I had written here and there about my experiences but those spaces didn’t seem to be the exact fit, so starting my own was the only thing that really made sense.

See the first post for more details.