Moving forward

Today I worked out at a gym for the first time in 6 years… without pain. For those of you who know about the injuries I sustained from pregnancy and delivery of my daughter, you know this to me is a major milestone. Traveling across the world and back last month was a big turning point in my recovery.

I don’t write about this much publicly any more because I don’t like focusing on the pain or making others in my network feel uncomfortable, but today I felt like sharing here. For those who suffer for months or years at a time, perseverance pays off when you keep trying new treatments and never give up. While today’s wasn’t a major workout by most standards, to me this is a bigger deal than running a marathon. (It’s sure taken a lot longer to get there!)

2 responses to “Moving forward

  1. Congratulations on your marathon! 🙂 That is such great news. I completely agree; you have to celebrate these events. Training for a marathon sure would have been a quicker journey, but you and I both know we don’t get to choose these things.

    So, do share with the rest of us, what treatments led to some of your success? For me, physical therapy and lifestyle changes have been the biggest factors in gaining back my life. I’m *almost* where I want to be.

  2. I’m 23 and I suffer from Vulvar Vestibulitis. Today I felt like giving up, until I read this.

    Thank you.

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